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President HH’s advisor on Covid-19 defends Johnson and Johnson vaccine

Zambia’s Presidential Advisor on Covid 19 Dr. Roma Chiengi has described as fake news, International news Broadcast on BBC three days ago that research has shown that Johnson and Johnson is not effective in the fight against Covid 19 and cause a rare blood clot leading to death.

Recently a panel of US experts voted unanimously to recommend the Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines over Johnson & Johnson, which has been linked to deadly side effects.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a total of 57 J&J patients have developed a rare blood clot disorder.

But answering a question from Diamond News Staffer in Chinsali, Dr. Chiengi says all the vaccines being administered in the country are safe.

He says government will not allow its citizens to get a vaccine that is deadly.
Meanwhile, Dr. Chiengi says the country is evaluating the vaccines being used to determine their safety and if they are immunogenic.

And the Chinsali District office has opened up a vaccination shelter within Chinsali Main Market and by broadcast time eight people had been vaccinated.

Presidential Covid 19 Advisor Professor Roma Chiengi has commended the District Health team for the initiative and has called on them to share correct information on vaccination.

Market Chairperson, Felistus Kalenga disclosed that myths surrounding Covid 19 vaccination is what is causing vaccine hesitancy among traders.


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