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President Hichilema joins other 3 heads of state in commemorating World Children’s Day

President Hakainde Hichilema

President Hakainde Hichilema yesterday joined fellow leaders from Zimbabwe, Botswana and Nambia in commemorating World Children’s Day at the Kazungula Bridge whose theme is “The future we want, taking bold steps to ensure that every child has the best opportunities and skills to ready them for 2046,”

The president said that he attached great importance to children’s issues which speaks to his commitment to better the lives of children by giving them hope and opportunities which include among other things; free education. Children are expected to start early, the reason his Government has increased the allocation for early childhood education in the 2022 budget.

The President emphasized that the importance of child rights and the need to place a high premium on the plight of children who are leaders of tomorrow, adding that together with his fellow Presidents from Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe, they have resolved to form a network of four Presidents and children to enhance the interaction between leaders and children.

“In our bid to look after the welfare of our children, we will endeavour to strengthen the laws that favour and protect the interests of our children, the president said.


Earlier, President Hichilema said that the country’s education system should identify and develop sports talent among students at an early age and that sports play an integral part in a country’s social and economic development as it creates jobs and other opportunities.

Speaking when he received the Birmingham 2022 Queen’s Button at State House today, President Hichilema also noted the need to exploit the relationship between Zambia and the British government for exchanges in Commonwealth member States.

President Hakainde Hichilema said there is a need to promote artistic talent exchanges with other countries and entertainment hubs like Hollywood and Nollywood, adding that sports associations should see government as a partner to help open up other opportunities because of the travels and networks created.

The President has encouraged the sports administrators to prepare a checklist of the things that hinder growth and pledged to support the team heading to the games next year.

And British High Commissioner to Zambia Nicola Wolley said Birmingham has many links with Zambia as President HICHILEMA was a student at Birmingham University.

He said the British government has been key in fighting climate change across the globe of which Zambia has been actively participating.

The British Envoy noted that the recent Commonwealth heads of state statement committing to work together against Covid-19 and build resilience is key.

He said the button is on a 2-hundred and 69 day journey across 72 nations and will return in July next year ahead of the games as it records messages to be played to the Queen.

WOOLEY said the data and images being recorded will be used to tell a story of its journey with Zambia being a story of peace and respect for rule of Law.

And Sports Minister Elvis Nkandu said the Queen’s button relay is a celebrated tradition held before the Commonwealth Games.

The Minister appealed to all citizens to embrace the games while appealing to the corporate world to come on board and support athletes.

And National Olympics Games President ALFRED FOLOKO who handed over the button to the President said the sports movement has been given impetus to work with government and hope to build a platform that meets aspirations of Zambian youths.

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