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Senior Chief Mukuni calls for President Lungu to declare hunger emergency

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His Royal Highness Senior Chief Mukuni of Kazungula, Livingstone and Zimba Districts of the Southern Province has called on President Edgar Lungu to put people’s interests before those of politics and the State, to save citizens that are on the verge of starvation, as a result of a severe drought that has led to crop failure, and affected most parts of Country.

The Chief who was speaking from his palace in Livingstone this morning said it was time the President listened to expert advice, and allow for food aid to flow that is commensurate to emergency standards.

“There is no doubt the hunger situation in most parts of the Country can no longer be regarded as normal. It is not an exaggeration that in some areas people are solely dependant on roots, tubers and wild fruits. The worst hit are children and the elderly who are now showing signs of severe malnutrition. The populations are being ravaged by famine, government must declare a disaster to rouse international support now”.

The Chief called on all politicians to put their political differences aside and fight what he termed a menace to the rural communities, adding that otherwise people will die of hunger that can be easily prevented.

“Like a lot of other Zambians, people of these affected regions are a proud and hardworking people who like fending for themselves. It is just that the weather has not been kind to them and the same goes for their brothers and sisters across the borders in Zimbabwe. Fortunately for these, their Government has declared a food emergency and the International community has responded en masse. That is what we need here”, he said.

Meanwhile the Senior Chief has called on politician Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba to practice politics of ethics than politics of ethnicity. The Chief explained that politics are dynamic and moving from one political party to another should be regarded as normal in a democratic dispensation.

“Both HH and GBM are my subjects. Both of them are subjects of my friends their Royal Highnesses Chitimukulu and Mpezeni and all other Chiefs in the rest of the Country. And so when I hear this or that one has advanced ideas that are inimical to the unity of this country and our traditional norms as one people, I have a duty as King to counsel and say ‘let your politics hover around issues of bread and butter, about love and reconciliation, about inclusiveness of the National agenda and sharing of the National cake equitably’. Not which tribe is far higher to the sky than the other, because there’s no such a thing in the first place”, said the Senior Chief.

The Chief called on Zambian politicians to emulate late American Senator John McCain who defended his opponent Senator Barack Obama against racist bigots even when it would have benefited him to keep quite or agree with them.

“Late John McCain vehemently disagreed with one of his supporters who said Obama was ‘not of one them’ and that he should not therefore be allowed to become President of the United States. McCain defended Obama describing him as a true American and decent family man who he only disagreed with on matters of principle than on the colour of his skin. This is how politics are supposed to be”, he said.

Asked what his reaction was on regarding President Edgar Lungu’s assertions that Hakainde Hichilema would not be President of Zambia.

“I think I have already illustrated above about how we should use discretion in politics. Nobody knows what the future holds, not satan, not man or King. Only God does. It’s important to leave that to Him”, said the Chief.

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Source – zambianobserver

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