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President Lungu: I will win by 60 percent

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PRESIDENT Edgar Chagwa Lungu has boasted that come 12th August, 2021 he will not only exceed the required 50 percent plus one but will safely bag 60 percent of the Zambian vote.

Speaking on Breeze FM today, President Lungu said he will win this year’s election with at least 60 percent of the votes because Zambians have chosen to continue with his government which has shown positive development.

President Lungu said he has carried on the mantle of good leadership and all the corners of Zambia have applauded him.

Citing various infrastructure development projects that have turned the face of Zambia and made services of education, health, housing, and transport not only available but of quality standards, President Lungu said in all his travels across the country, the request is for a continued leadership.

“… We first embarked on infrastructure development and we did just that and now we are working on rebuilding the economy,” he said.

President Lungu cited various mechanisms that the Patriotic Front was putting in place to rebuild the economy and noted that his government which is a tried and tested would also deliver on this promise.

He also observed that some opposition political leaders exhibit very violent characteristics that have made them very unattractive to Zambians.

“Moreover, Zambians want peace. Imagine, I am the only one and a few others talking about peace, talking about not wanting violence in these campaigns. Yesterday, I saw some disturbing pictures on social media that were very annoying; breaking vehicles, beating people in full view of even one opposition leader and I know Zambians cannot vote for such a guy, Zambians love peace,” he said.

“So pano palibe chake [There is nothing for him here], so the truth of the matter is that we are winning and I have no doubt about that in my mind,” he said.

And President Lungu said, “When I first came in 2015, we won by 27 000 votes and 2016 we got 100 000 plus votes. This time 2021, we are getting 60 percent votes plus… it won’t be 50 percent plus, it will be 60 percent plus…,” he laughed off.

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