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President Lungu reappoints Mwila as PF SG


President Edgar Lungu has reappointed Davies Mwila as Secretary General of the PF and cautioned the party against embracing tribalism and regionalism.

President Lungu said he was displeased that the PF Eastern Province was exhibiting traits of tribalism and regionalism after complaining that the region had just three people elected as Members of the Central Committee at the just-ended party convention.

“ Let’s not be regional and tribal . I didn’t expect Easter Province to start being tribal… You have the President, the big one, as a Member of the Central Committee,… ” said President Lungu.

President Lungu said the recently endorsed list of members of the PF’s Central Committee was done taking into account regional balancing and proportionate representation in line with the country’s inclusive policy and One Zambia One Nation motto.

The Head of State said all PF members have a democratic right to participate in the affairs of the party but the interests of the party supersedes individual aspirations.

He said the party constitution allows him to ensure that unity is enhanced through inclusive leadership and governance.

President Lungu has since called for unity, and loyalty from the PF membership stressing that he wants to lead a party that has loyal, humble and respectful members.

The President urged party members to double their efforts and mobilize the party across the country

Officially closing the PF Convention, President Lungu appealed to the PF membership to work with the new Central Committee to achieve the party’s goals and vision of winning the August 12, 2021 general elections in order to continue working on Zambia’s socio-economic transformation and improve the lives and welfare of Zambians.

President Lungu has since re-appointed Davies Mwila as PF Secretary General and tasked him to continue building on the successes of the party’s convention and ensure that the party structures are mobilized and organized to sell the party to Zambians ahead of the August 12 polls.

He directed Mr Mwila to ensure that the PF’s inaugural Central Committee meeting be held by April 17, 2021 in order to look at pressing party matters among them the party’s manifesto and adoptions.

The Head of State assured women that the Party will strive to ensure that more women are adopted as candidates in the August 12 general elections.

He said he will continue appointing more women to positions of authority and influence in order to give women more opportunities to participate in the development process of the country.

President Lungu warned Zambians to desist from experimenting with leadership that has not been tested which can plunge the country into troubled waters.

The President said he has an impeccable track record of private and public sector service which cannot be compared to other political aspirants wishing to get to State House.

President Lungu stressed that Zambia, just like the PF is not for sale to the highest bidder and warned politicians with a habit of seeking foreign financing and sponsorship to win elections to desist from such as Zambians will never let their country be sold for a penny.

He said Zambia will continue to look for solutions to problems that affect the country as opposed to selling the country to foreign interests as other political parties are bent on doing.

The President appealed to PF founding members who strayed away to come back to the fold and be part of the legacy of late President Michael Sata of developing Zambia into a modern state for the benefit of all Zambians.

President Lungu said much as he would love to go and seek PF members that left the party , like the biblical shepherd that leaves his 99 sheep for the one that is lost, he was wary that as a mortal , his many members could be devoured if he opted to go and bring back PF prodigal sons and daughters.

He said the PF will always remain open to anyone wanting to return or join it and serve Zambians.

President Lungu stated that he was confident that the PF will retain power in the August 12 general elections because it has met the expectations and aspirations of Zambians.

The President said the PF will continue to work with the traditional leadership, the Church and Civil society in order to govern the country well and improve the lives and welfare of Zambians.

During its elective convention held from 10 to 11 April 2021, the PF unanimously adopted and endorsed President Edgar Lungu as its President and sole Presidential candidate for the August 12, 2021 general elections.

The PF Conference also elected 54 members unopposed as members of the central committee with 18 being women.

Below is the details released by PF for the composition of the new Central Committee

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