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President Lungu to visit the Southern Province today

President Lungu

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is expected to visit the Southern Province today to grace the Kafue river diversion ceremony for the construction of the Kafue gorge lower hydroelectric power plant dam. This is once again a show of his unwavering commitment to tackle the power deficit in the immediate, short term and indeed long term.

President Lungu

Presidential Spokesperson, Mr Amos Chanda has announced that the President will be in Kafue today, were he will inspect the 750 Mega Watts Hydro Power station being constructed by Chinese Company, Sino-Hydro.

“The President will travel to Kafue George lower at the site were the Chinese Company, Sino-hydro are building a 750 Mega Watts power station on the side, just downstream the Kafue river after the Kafue George Power station which initially was 750 Mega Watts as well but has been upgraded to 1000 mega watts. ” He said.

Mr Chanda stated that the President would be witnessing a Milestone with the development of the project which is expected to be completed by 2020 and that The President would be making the inspection of the project whose construction had already commenced, in the company of the Chinese Ambassador.

” The President will be witnessing a Major event called the diversion of the Kafue river to pave way for the construction itself. This signifies a major development in the Hydro power sector were there has been a deficit. ” He said.

And Mr Chanda stated that the Project was the single largest investment in the energy sector in the nation in over 50 years .


This is the boldest, the biggest and most robust response to the issues of power since independence, after the Kariba dam and after the Kafue lower hydro power station which came later. This is the first major investment in power.” he said.

He stated that the project was in line with the PF Manifeso of 2011 to 2016 and of 2016 to 2021 were the President wanted to make the country self sufficient in power and tranform the country from a power deficit situation into a surplus, making the country a net exporter of power in a very short time.

And the Special Assistant to the President said that the infrastructure development agenda that was obtaining in the nation was the single most robust agenda this nation had ever seen and gave an example of the Lusaka Ndola dual carriageway which The President had commissioned.

He sighted infrastructure in the health sector, the education sector and energy sector as having been unprecedented in the history of the nation.

He stated that with regard to the energy sector, it helped in creating a condusive environment for other sectors to thrive as all sectors depended on power, and that Primarily, the mining sector got affected in cases of power deficit and hence improvement in the energy sector would ensure an all round success of the private sector.

” The Country must never experience a problem in power supply. There must be an all round sufficiency in power.” He said.

And Mr Chanda stated that on the sidelines of the event, President Lungu would also tour the school that the contractor had set up to train people in hydro power engineering.
“Its capacity building there. When the contractor is long gone, the people that will be trained can work for any company in the sector of hydro power generation. ” He said.