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President Lungu: Zambia is bigger than an individual

President Edgar Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has commended the Anglican Church for its silent diplomacy approach adopted in engaging government.

Speaking when he joined the church in celebrating it silver jubilee and the commissioning of Bishop John Osmer’s house of the Anglican in Eastern province, President Lungu said he prays that church will continue, especially this year as the country prepare for the general elections.

He urged the church to continue to lead the nation in prayers for peaceful and fair elections.

“Pray for everyone in leadership at all levels, political leaders, the clergy, the family and the community. Let our faith be anchored firmly in god that he, and he alone, will bring everlasting peace, unity and prosperity to our motherland Zambia,” he said.

He said Government is grateful for the works the church is involved in and has since
invites the church to partner with government in promoting the national values and principles as enshrined in the constitution.

“Government is committed to support you in this noble cause. Your works, as i said earlier, supplement government efforts and we will, therefore, not relent in providing the support you need in accordance with the overall government policy. I wish to encourage you to continue working in communities to fulfil your mandate of being the salt of the world.

The church is cardinal in inculcating values among the citizens. I wish to call upon the church to work with my government, to inculcate the values and principles in order to transform citizen’s lives for a better Zambia,” President Lungu said.

President Lungu also congratulated the bishop, the clergy and lay faithful of the Anglican diocese of eastern Zambia for the 25 years of service and witness, after being delinked from the diocese of Lusaka.

He further reiterated his call to the church to continue providing counsel to the Government and the opposition prior, during and after the general election slated for August 12 elections.

“Zambia is bigger than anyone individual, therefore, we should endeavour to protect the peace and unity of this nation. Let us not resort to violence no matter what happens. Let us condemn violence in all its forms. Let us live our faith wherever we are, in church, at work, at home and in our various social gatherings,” he said.

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