President Edgar Lungu’s running mate in the 2021 general elections must come from Northern, Muchinga or Luapula provinces, says ruling PF Lusaka Province chairperson Paul Moonga.

And Moonga said all the stupid candidates and charlatans with a bit of money in PF must hold their fire, for thinking they can use that to challenge President Lungu for the party presidency at the general conference.

Moonga also said he is at pains seeing how his Tonga tribesmen behave in a tribal manner when looking at issues.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Moonga said if he were in charge of PF, he would pick President Lungu for the party presidency in an instant. He said the running mate should come from the three Northern provinces.

“And I don’t shy away from it, take it as a policy, Edgar Lungu should be our candidate in 2021. Edgar Lungu should select a running mate from the three provinces; Northern, Luapula or Muchinga, because these are the bedroom of the PF. I know Western, North-Western and Central Province have been transformed but we cannot take our colleagues for granted who have been in support of the party,” Moonga said. “We are in office because of these three provinces. Edgar Lungu has been well accepted by his cousins. Now Lusaka will be there, Copperbelt…currently, now the president will be accepted in North-Western and Western and Central Province.”

However, Moonga said he was at a loss over Southern Province where he hailed from.

“With my brothers am at a loss, I don’t hate my tribe, I love it, I come from the village but I hate the way we do things. We look at tribe. We don’t even care the calibre of the person. Surely you and me, you have a proud young man HH, proudly boasting about his wealth. What has wealth done to this country Zambia today?” Moonga asked. “Even under this COVID-19 what has my brother done in Southern Province to buy the masks or to pay for the adverts to ensure people are safe? I have nothing against my dear young brother HH, we come from the same constituency Bweengwa, I am under chief Choongo, he comes from Hamusonde, who is dancing the tune of HH. He has no morality.”

Moonga said if President Lungu were a tribalist, he would not have appointed Bank of Zambia Governor Denny Kalyalya and economic advisor Hibeene Mwiinga to their positions, especially that they hailed from an area that voted overwhelmingly against him.

“I am at a loss, I am at pain to see how we behave ourselves as Tongas. Since (former president Frederick) Chiluba’s government you can google and go back, there more ministers from Tongaland under Chiluba’s first government after 1991 elections,” Moonga said. “What happens? The Lozis and Tongas stupidity left influenced a humble servant Emmanuel Kasonde, May His Soul Rest In Peace, to resign to join the stupid crusade of Tongas and Lozis. Tongas, North-Western they formed a political party. Lozis formed a political party, Agenda for Zambia. All on tribal lines, no agenda whatsoever other than tribal and that is the problem. Today they look at me as a traitor, ‘he’s not part of us, he’s not a Tonga because I am not in the UPND’.”

On the raging debate going on in PF, traditionally and on social media, where several people, including secretary general Davies Mwila are reportedly eyeing the presidency at the general conference, Moonga said there was a conspiracy from within to smear people like Mwila so that the President could get upset and remove them from their positions.

Asked on some ministers reportedly eyeing the presidency, Moonga said anyone with intentions of challenging President Lungu was hallucinating.

“You are given an opportunity to become a minister, take me as a politician who has been in it for too long I can’t even think of it for me to become a president, of course God may say so. For now I am comfortable in my position, I am not even thinking of becoming a member of parliament,” Moonga said. Those hallucinating thinking they can be president, Presidency is a gift from God Romans 13, all authority comes from God, even headmen are appointed by God. Chiefs are all leaders. Let each one of us understand how we can become leaders without thinking with a bit of money, you see money can never make you a President.”

Moonga said leadership came from God, and the fact that some people had accumulated money did not mean that they should be president.

“All those stupid candidates, charlatans when you have a bit of coins you want to become president let them hold their fire and pray, let them go to Church and pray, God will give them all they want but now I can tell you from my position as a member of the central committee for PF I have one striker, Ronaldo in the name of Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu,” said Moonga.

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