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President Lungu’s Trip to Monze is to be disrupted so they can arrest HH

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United Party for National Development (UPND) National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango has said that the party has unearthed a scheme in which the Patriotic Front (PF) wants to disrupt President Edgar Lungu’s trip to Southern Province and implicate Hakainde Hichilema.

Ms Nalumango said that the party is aware of a well-hatched scheme in which PF has lined up a number of its violent cadres to boo Mr. Lungu as he visits Southern Province tomorrow.

During a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Ms. Nalumango charged that notorious PF cadres, Eddy Gowa aka ‘America 1’, deputy PF national mobilization chairperson Bizwell Mutale and former Siavonga District Commissioner (DC) Brave Mweetwa are the people who have been tasked with executing the dirty work.

“We have concerns from the information that has come through from their (PF) camp, particularly from Chikuni radio where PF officials and cadres went and issued a warning that the so-called booing that happened in Monze would not be allowed this time around. They issued a stern warning to the people of Monze. We have names that have come to our attention like Bizwell Mutale, who is probably meeting some of the chiefs in Southern Province.”This govt won't tolerate corruption - Lungu

“We are aware that former Siavonga DC Brave Mweetwa and a guy of Mozambiquan origin called Eddie Gowa commonly known as ‘America 1’ are involved. These are some of the people hired to cause confusion and blame it on HH and the UPND,” she charged.

Ms. Nalumango said President Lungu’s desperate attempts to ensure that Mr Hichilema is not on the 2021 ballot has led to him devising numerous schemes with the intent of imprisoning him.

“We are aware that President Lungu wants to arrest president Hichilema because he doesn’t want to see his name on the ballot paper come 2021. Lungu also intends to buy some councilors to create by-elections.

“We aware that PF thugs will be present in Monze and Maala along the route of President Lungu and his entourage for them to disrupt his tour. They want to do this they can blame it on HH and UPND. ” she said.

She said Mutale has been going around Southern Province meeting chiefs in readiness for Mr Lungu’s visit today.

“President Lungu is scheduled to visit Chief Chona, Chief Kufwenuka and Chief Mwanza. He may proceed to Maala as well,” she said.

She advised all Party members in Southern Province to stay away from any activities that President Lungu will undertake in the province, today.

“Let our people completely stay away so that we have no room for the PF to create a situation in which some of our members will be used to testify against President Hichilema in order to arrest him. We want the nation to know what is going on,” she said.

She has since called on the PF to immediately abort the evil and criminal scheme.

“We would like to warn the PF that such as a scheme is evil and criminal and should not be allowed at all,” she said.

Meanwhile, UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has urged all UPND members to avoid provocation and peacefully go about your business because evil minds are scheming to stage an incident that leads to his arrest.

Mr Hichilema urged members to be strong be strong and have faith that these dark days will soon be behind as we shall usher in an era of peace, democracy and the rule of law.

Source: Lusaka Times