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Monday, July 26, 2021

President, Ministers and MPs’ salaries increased

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The salaries of the President, Ministers and MPs have been increased in the past month, according to reports of a Government Gazette dated April 1, 2021 relating to Statutory Instruments 19 and 20.

The rise comes as the cost of living in the country continues to increase. Inflation remains over 20%, reaching a high of 22.8% in March. The target rate is 6-8%. As a result many families are struggling to buy the essentials, particularly in light of the high unemployment rate and depressed economic activity.

Commenting on the move GEARS Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi has been quoted as stating, “Our leaders must be ashamed of themselves for this open greediness and selfishness.”

Meanwhile, Alliance for Community Action (ACA) Executive Director Laura Miti commented, “In the middle of an economic crisis, which they themselves have created, an economic mess which has decimated the value of ordinary citizen salaries, leaving them battling to make ends meet – with that background, the President, Ministers and MPs have increased their salaries.”
“The salary increase guarantees a raise in their gratuities. Make of that what you may,” she continued.

The news comes as the PF Government comes under criticism for its spending priorities. UPND Alliance President Hakainde Hichilema earlier today posted a photo of several Land Cruisers on his Facebook page commenting, “We cannot be having patients die of curable disease while government ministers drive around in expensive VX Land Cruisers.”


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