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Promote rural electrification in the media

PETER KAPALA, the energy minister, has pleaded with the media to support the program for rural electrification.

According to Mr. KAPALA, media involvement is necessary to publicize the projects being undertaken by the Rural Electrification Authority (REA).

Last night, he delivered a speech at the gala supper for the 2021 REA media awards that was read out by his permanent secretary, FRANCESCA ZYAMBO.

EUSTACE NKANDU, Director of Standards, Licensing, and Compliance for the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA), urged REA to enhance the awards program in order to draw in more participants.

LINDA MUPEMO, a reporter for ZANIS, took up the REA Media Awards 2021’s best journalistic honor, while LUCKSON MAKOZA, another ZANIS reporter, took home the prize for best television.

Together with former ZNBC employee CHARLES MUCHOLO, PRINCE KAPITA from the ZNBC Local Language section won the award for the best local language production television.

ZNBC’s GERALD SIINGWA and former ZNBC cameraperson TAMARA NYIRENDA took home the prize for best video.


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