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Video: 2020 is going to be a Great Year – Prophet Bushiri’s prophecy



Shepherd Bushiri

The year 2020 will always be remembered for the coronavirus pandemic that hit the word hard.

When the year started, many people in Mzansi and other parts of the world set goals and resolutions, hoping to achieve all the good things they couldn’t reach in previous years.

However, little did we know that the pandemic was going to disrupt life as we know it.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Before all of us entered the year 2020, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, known to his followers as Major 1, had already seen into it and what kind of year it was going to be.

A video of the Major 1 prophesying the ‘good news in 2020’ to his congregants, has surfaced on social media.

In the video, Bushiri was revealing to his church how great 2020 was going to be.

Shepherd Bushiri

He told the cheering and excited congregants that the Lord “took him to 2020 and showed him great things”.

“I was in January 2020, the lord began to show me something there…I moved to February, March, April, May, June, July…I went to August, September, October…oh yes, November, December 2020…I looked at the whole year….it’s going to be a greeeeat year,” he said to loud cheers.


However, things are visibly not as great as he had predicted because the pandemic has brought death, sickness, and suffering all over the world.

The economy is also collapsing, people are hungry and all these cannot be a great year as far as the health and wellbeing of the people is concerned.

It seems the pandemic has prophets seeing the opposite.

Even Nigerian prophet TB Joshua had predicted that coronavirus would end on March 27.

And when the date went past with the disease infecting and killing more people around the world, he blamed the ‘Holy Spirit’ for misleading him.

He is now reportedly praying for 40 days at a mountain to get rid of Covid-19.

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