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Prophet Confesses to Adultery!

A self-proclaimed prophet confessed to adultery in court when he revealed that his girlfriend threatened to commit suicide after she discovered that he was married.
Munyaradzi Makohwa of Nguwo Tsvuku apostolic sect in Zimbabwe barred it all at the Harare Civil court where he was seeking a peace order against Memory Nyika.

Prophet Makohwa openly told the court that he is married and he is having an intimate relationship with Nyika. “Your Worship, I am in a relationship with Nyika and we have been together for a year. I had told her that I was single and was looking for a woman to settle with.


“I am a prophet at Nguwo Tsvuku apostolic church and I am always busy with prayers, so I do not have much time to spend with her. “The problem started when I left my phone in her custody, I don’t know how she knew my mobile password. “She went through my phone and discovered that I am married, this did not go well with her because I
had promised to marry her.

Madzibaba Makohwa added that his girlfriend visits at his house, threatening to kill herself.
“Since that day she threatens to kill herself accusing me of wasting her time and ndavakutya ngozi.”

“May this court stop her from killing herself, I didn’t mean to hurt her, but the truth is a lot is happening in my all my marriage. In response, Nyika blamed Makohwa for wasting her time. “I am opposed to this application because he wasted my time, I had put my hopes on him.”

“How dare he broke my heart like that? I honestly do not understand what he was trying to prove by telling me lies.”

“I do not trust anyone who calls himself a prophet again,” she said.

Source: H-Metro

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