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Prophet Isaac Predicts August Presidential Results

Prophet Isaac

Renowned Monze based clergyman Prophet Isaac has predicted landslide presidential victory for the opposition UPND. Speaking in Monze this morning, Prophet Isaac advised UPND not to go into a pact with NDC because the devil may want to use it to divide the largest opposition party in the country in order to reverse its imminent victory.

Prophet Isaac said victory for the UPND is certain and sealed in the realm of the spirit and that no man can change it. “That is the reason am advising the UPND not to enter into an alliance with a party that will bring confusion.

The thing is with or without any alliance, the UPND will still emerge victorious and form government in August”, said Prophet Isaac.

Prophet Isaac is a respected Man of God whose prophecies are always 100% accurate. Few years ago, he came to lime light when he accurately predicted Robert Mugabe’s stepping down as President as well as his demise.

In 2015 and 2016, he was held by many Zambians for accurately Ruling Party’s victory. In January this year, he accurately prophesied that Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni would be announced winner of that country’s presidential elections despite losing the polls. And this year, the Man of God said its settled in the spirit that UPND will win adding that a pact with any other political party will only bring confusion. “Mark my words, UPND is winning the August elections”, he added.

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