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Prophet Uebert Angel stands with Prophet Bushiri

Prophet Bushiri

Prophet Uebert Angel stands with Prophet Bushiri. We all know that Shepherd Bushiri is a son to Prophet Uebert Angel who is his spiritual father. Just like any father does when it comes to defending his family, that’s what exactly he is doing in this Prophet Bushiri case.

Uebert Angel is proud of his son Shepherd Bushiri. Prophet Uebert Angel took to Instagram and had lots to say about Shepherd Bushiri most of which was about prayers.

He shared this picture with that message. The two have a long history together and they have a lot in common and Prophet Angels is not abandoning his son. Prophet Bushiri is currently under fire for a stampede that killed 3 people and injured several others.

Three people lost their lives at the weekend. Many remained in hospital after a sudden stampede at the Tshwane Events Centre on Friday.


The church’s lawyer says people panicked when they were caught in a thunderstorm.
Pastor Shepherd Bushiri and his church will help the families of those killed and injured during a stampede at the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church in Pretoria.

According to ECG lawyer Terrance Baloyi, the commotion was caused by sudden thunderstorms, which led to congregants running for cover. “People were trying to run away from the rain. It started suddenly and no one had an umbrella,” he said. Three women died and about 17 people were injured in the chaos, Baloyi said.

Prophet Angels has started a #tag in which he is showing sympathy and standing with his son whom he also calls Major 1. He posted the #tags on his Instagram account with a picture and the hashtags #IAmStandingWithMajor1 #IStandWithProphetBushiri

Prophet Bushiri and Uebert Angel

Urging his followers the Prophet said let the hashtags go viral as we sho love to our Prophet: #IAmStandingWithMajor1 #IStandWithProphetBushiri #IStandWithMajor1  Let those hashtags move. Love you guys