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Prophet Bushiri in trouble again and maybe stoned to death

“Everyone write it down… If this prophecy will not happen, I am a fake prophet; come and stone me,” Bushiri defiantly declared in a clip dated 6th November 2016. The video shows the controversial cleric addressing a politician from Benin Republic in the midst of the congregation.

A damning video has emerged of Malawian ‘Prophet’ Shepherd Bushiri publicly calling on people to “stone” him if his prophecy to Daniel Edah, a presidential aspirant from Benin Republic, does not come to pass.

“I am seeing you a President. I am saying this in front of everyone; the whole world is watching this prophecy, so that when it comes to pass, they will know it is not man’s doing. You will be the President of the Republic of Benin,” the Malawian cleric boldly stated to Edah in the clip.

“If I don’t anoint this man, they will steal elections,” Bushiri, who is currently the centre of an extradition battle between South Africa and Malawi, continued. “But if I anoint somebody, he will receive miracle votes!”

Bushiri proceeded to ‘anoint’ Edah, who appeared visibly emotional at the declaration, with ‘oil’ which was likened to what “Samuel used to anoint King David”. “In your reign, your country will become like Dubai,” Bushiri continued, addressing Edah as “Your Excellency” and “Mr President”.

He also clarified that his prophecy was referring to Benin Republic’s next Presidential Election which was scheduled for April 2021.

“By the next elections you are having, there is no other President apart from you,” the leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) proclaimed, proudly adding that he prophesied to several Presidents privately, but this was the first occasion he made the declaration public.

In the run-up to the 2021 elections in Benin Republic, Edah campaigned as “the candidate of God”. However, he failed to get the required number of sponsors necessary for candidacy and was officially dropped from the race.

The election was won by the incumbent President Patrice Talon, who was re-elected in a landslide with 86% of votes, proving Bushiri’s prophecy false.

The Malawian cleric was also widely lampooned last year when a video surfaced of him in 2019 declaring he had prophetically visited 2020 and it was a “great year”.

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