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Protests in Guangzhou Turn violent Put pressure on curbs

Residents of the industrial metropolis of Guangzhou in southern China have battled with police after breaking out of a mandatory lock-down out of frustration with the severe coronavirus restrictions.

Dramatic video shows individuals destroying Covid control barriers and flipping a police car. The area has now been deployed by riot troops.

It comes after the worst Covid outbreak in Guangzhou since the pandemic started.

China’s zero Covid policy is under tremendous pressure in the face of poor economic data.

In the city’s Haizhu District, where residents are required to stay at home, tensions had been rising.

Many less fortunate nomadic laborers live in the region. They have expressed dissatisfaction with Covid control tactics, including not getting paid if they are unable to show up for work, food shortages, and soaring pricing.

They had been fighting with the white-clad Covid prevention enforcement agents for a number of nights when, overnight on Monday, a massive act of defiance caused the rage to abruptly spill onto the streets of Guangzhou.

Once more, unfounded rumors have been a factor. There are rumors circulating that testing companies are fabricating PCR findings to increase the number of infections artificially in order to increase revenue.

The coronavirus rumor mill is also gaining steam in the country’s north.

Hebei Province officials declared that Shijiazhuang would stop mass testing. However, this raised the possibility that the populace might be utilized as a test subject to determine what would happen if the virus was allowed to spread unchecked.


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