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Public Order Act: Submissions Are Requested by Zcid

Political parties have been urged by the Zambia Centre for Inter-Party Dialogue (ZCID) to participate in the review process in order to help the Public Order Act be improved.

Political rallies are primarily the affected meetings, according to ZCID Executive Director DOREEN NJOBVU, and the review process will provide them a chance to share their opinions.

According to Ms. NJOBVU, the GEARS Initiative has also contacted ZCID about organizing political parties to assure their participation in the process.

She claims that political parties have been calling for a law that is just and does not prejudice those in the opposition.

Today in Lusaka, Ms. NJOBVU talked

Additionally, the Public Order Act, the Cyber Security and Crime Act, and the NGO Act, according to Gears Initiative Executive Director MCDONALD CHIPENZI, need to be modified since they are oppressive.

The current administration is determined to study the three pieces of legislation, Mr. CHIPENZI claims, but the review procedure needs to be sped up.

He stated in Livingstone that the three laws require an immediate reconsideration in order to put them into compliance with the democratic system that Kenyans have long desired for.

In an effort to raise awareness, Mr. CHIPENZI stated that the GEARS Initiative has launched a project with the help of the International Centre for Not For Profit Law to involve the general public in the lobbying for the prompt review of the legislation.


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