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Queen Diva Mampi in 4 Amazing pictures

Queen Diva Mampi in 4 Amazing pictures that you will definitely love all because she is gorgeous. I look at the Zambian Entertainment Industry and one thing is still certain, Mampi is still the Queen Diva.

I know a lot of you out there will think she lost her crown to Zed Celebs like Cleo Ice Queen or Bombshell but I assure you after seeing these pictures you will agree that, Mampi is still the Queen Diva.

Rise and grind!!!
Dress by @lace_by_mwengz ❤

A while ago Mampi’s Instagram account was hacked and she was offline for a while and we missed all these amazing moments. But she is back and now has more than 77K Instagram followers and rising.

Pout if you wanna 😊😁😗

Talk about major transformations and getting better with age, Mampi shared her 10-year challenge pics and we gotta say she looked amazing in 2009 and more amazing in 2019…

2009/2019 😁

Lastly, my favourite picture is this one of Mampi early in the morning without any make-up on. She is beautiful and we can not argue that fact and I am sure you see why we still say she is the Queen Diva of Zed Entertainment Industry…

Good morning 🤗

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