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Queen Mukuni – It Was My First Time Sleeping In Cells And It Was Very Humiliating

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The famous happening name of the moment going by details as Queen Mukuni the wife to the Zambia’s famous chief told CIC that it was a very traumatic experience for her being the first in her life and being very humiliating. CIC paid a courtesy visit together with UPND officials led by Kantombola UPND MP Hon Derick Livune, Kazungula Aspiring Council Chairperson Ms Mbozi Tatila with many officials.

The ever smiling Queen has been the trending name on social media when her arrest sent the media storm into alwe. She was co accused and charged together with Choma Mayor, Mazabuka Mayor and two others over Abduction of the alleged Hantembos a situation she described as baseless and not making sense.

She narrated off camera how the situation was like and said for the first time she never knew what Zambians of other types of lives than her used to go through until that experience came on her unaware and very humiliating. She has however said that as innocent as she is it was nothing to her because being accused in an absurd case like that she left everything to God.

And palace staffs warned the government not to drag the chiefdom into petty partisan battles because the palace has sensitive matters and standards that gets disturbed at the moment an embarrassment like that occurs. She said from the moment the queen was taken the palace was not the same things where going to go bad to worse that political battles should be done outside palace business because the chiefdom was not involved in any political battles.

And Kantombola UPND member of parliament Hon Derick Livune has questioned where are other chiefs in the country the likes of Chitimukulus, the Mpezenis, Gawa undis etc for them to allow government to humiliate chief MUKUNI like that. He stressed that it wasn’t a good thing because when Chitimukulu was under trouble from late Sata it was Mukuni who took care of Chitimukulu therefore it was shocking that the queen of the palace would go through such while the so called big chiefs of Zambia folds hands to watch. Hon Livune reminded the chiefs saying being silent when one chief is under unfair humiliation for political reasons next would be another one and the trend could go on. He said he is very disappointed that no single chief conderned what is happening to Chief MUKUNI in a country that proclaims as the Christian Nation.

And Kazungula UPND youth Chairperson has said the humiliation that the Queen went through was the first and last because Kazungula District youths would die defending her and the entire chiefdom the police would have to go through them before getting to her.

Ms Mbozi Tatila Mulako the Aspiring Council Chairperson for Kazungula District which Mukuni Chiefdom falls under said that it was so traumatic experience as the news of her arrest brought alot of things to a standstill it shouldn’t repeat itself. Ms Mulako said that the government’s provocation against the people of Kazungula was getting out of hand and at an alarming level with the potential to disturbilize the peace of the nation because chiefs are not politicians.

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