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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Rasta recorded having s.e.x with a woman in the bush, video goes viral

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Looking for some s.e.xual healing this Easter? Whatever you do, don’t do it in the bushes. Especially, without a mask or c0nd0m.

The poking nation has always shocked Mzansi with their awkward videos on social media platforms. And they have done it yet again.

This time, a video of a drunk couple having s.e.x in the bushes is circulating on social media. While the location and date of the incident is unclear, what is clear is that the couple had no shame. They failed to stop when passers-by spoke told them to stop.

During the three minutes and twelve seconds long video, the Rasta-man with dreadlocks is seen poking a chubby woman.

As Rasta tries to penetrate her, the woman could be heard saying the man’s ‘anaconda’ was not inside her [email protected]

“It’s not in Skhokho,” she’s heard telling the man.

It’s apparent in the video that some of the spectators know the couple. The woman capturing the video dismally failed to stop the duo.

“There are kids here. Please stop what you are doing,” she is heard saying. But they continued.

–daily sun

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