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The Reason why some Ladies haven’t Squ!rted during S.e.x


They say you learn something new every day. This is exactly what happened to *Mpho Mogale, who admits that she was watching naughty videos online when she saw something she had never seen before.

“This woman had water gushing from down there. At first, I thought she was urinating. But at a closer look, I realized she wasn’t. I was fascinated.”

After doing her research, Mpho was shocked to learn of the phenomena called squi_rting.

“I honestly felt embarrassed. I had been having what I thought was great s.e.x, but not once had I ever squi_rted. I don’t know if it takes a special kind of man to bring that out of a woman, but I have not, to this day, ever experienced it and I envy all the women who have. Who knew our female bodies could do that!” she lamented.

Mpho should not feel so bad. According to a 2019 survey conducted by the website Volonté, 72% of women have never experienced the sensation of squi_rting.

So what is squi_rting and can all women sign up?

S.e.x expert Godivah says that all women can experience squi_rting with a bit of practice.

“Squi_rting is a form of female ejacu_lation. If you are prone to faking an orga_sm during s.e.x, then you definitely will not squi_rt. So start by taking charge of your orga_sm.” she said.

Godivah recommends that women should start with getting to know their bodies first.

“Firstly, you need to find your g-sp_ot. You can achieve this with toy or finger play. You will know when you find it. It is almost similar in feeling to having a wet finger in your ear.”

Next, Godivah says that this is the technique that will lead to squi_rting and has these tips for partners to try:

“Insert your middle finger inside of the vagi_na, then try to reach the spot that marks the centre between the top of her sl.it and her belly button. Now crook your finger, touching that spot in a “Come Here” motion. Come here motion tickles her G-Sp-ot, which feels rough to the touch. Keep going, Come Here, Come Here, gently, as she will orga_sm with her G-Sp-ot, leading to squi_rting!” she said.

She adds that women should not feel bad about not being able to squi_rt.

“Honestly, it will not happen to everyone, and women should not feel bad if they don’t reach the squi_rting phase. It does not mean they are having bad s.e.x. You can still reach orgasm without squi_rting. Squi_rting is just the cherry on top. It takes some practice, patience and a bit of luck!” she said.

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