Reasons why men cheat in relationships

Men and women may cheat for very different reasons.

Nonetheless, as of right now, some research does show that men are more likely to cheat than women.

So, in this article we’ll be talking about the reasons why men cheat, along with what defines cheating.

Many of these behaviors might apply to people of all genders, but they can definitely be relevant to men. Here’s a list of them below:

  1. They’re looking for a way out
    Sometimes when men cheat, it’s because they are trying to get out of a relationship, and that is a first step.

  2. They’re looking for connection
    Despite what gender norms may tell us about men, cheating doesn’t always happen for purely physical reasons. If they’re feeling unseen or disconnected from their partner, they feel hurt and go into a zone to get protected.

  3. They have sociopathic or narcissistic traits
    If a partner has cheated, there could be sociopathic tendencies or narcissistic traits involved. They could be someone who just literally doesn’t care about their partner’s feelings. They want what they want, and it’s just that simple.

  4. Revenge cheating
    Some people act out and cheat out of anger, jealousy, or a desire for revenge. Even if their partner hasn’t cheated on them, if they’ve done something to upset their partner (i.e., having a close friendship with another man). They’ll end up cheating to make a point.

  5. They’re struggling with substance abuse
    If one partner is dealing with a substance abuse problem, instances of cheating may become much more likely. When your partner is addicted, it creates and impulse-driven, more immature version of them.

  6. They’re struggling with their mental health
    If depression and anxiety are intense, it can really exacerbate the need to get relief—and relief can often come in the form of someone really attractive outside the relationship.

  7. They’re seeking validation
    Feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem can also drive someone to cheat, particularly if they’re not getting that validation in their own relationship.

  8. They’re denying part of their identity
    In some cases, cheating can be the result of one partner denying their own sexual or gender identity. Someone may be struggling with accepting they are gay or bisexual, and they want to experiment and explore

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