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Reverend suspended over adultery allegations

Another Pentecostal pastor has impregnated a congregation member
A pastor has disowned a four month-old child he is alleged to have sired with the wife of his church member.
Joyful Assembly Pentecostal church reverend Douglas Mulongoti, 58, who allegedly had an adulterous affair with a married congregant, has since been suspended from pastoral work for 18 months.
Both pastor Mulongoti and the husband of the woman he is alleged to have had a s3xual relationship with Omed Musonda, have ditched the woman.church
However, pastor Mulongoti, who initially denied ever being in a sexual relationship with Ruth Musonda, said he will only start supporting the child after DNA is conducted to ascertain if he is indeed the father of the child.
“First, I want to confirm through DNA test that the child is mine that is when I will take responsibility. I cannot start supporting a child whose paternity I am not sure of,” pastor Mulongoti said.
Ruth, 23, confessed in court recently that she had s3x with pastor Mulongoti for a period of 10 months, which resulted in the birth of a child.
Source: Zambia Daily Mail