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Roads Upgrade begin in Mufulira

The upgrading of township roads to bituminous standard under the Zambia Township Roads project in Mufulira District has resumed.

Mufulira Municipal Council Assistant Public Relations Manager Thandiwe Tembo said roadworks, which had stalled due to rains, have resumed and progress has been made so far.

She said works on Butondo road are at 97 per cent, with major works such as tarring, and laying of concrete on strategic places completed.

“For Butondo road, we have finished tarring the entire road, so the only part remaining is the roundabout in the central business district where we have so far put the concrete, and are putting up the traffic lights,” Tembo explained.

“Apart from that, the only remaining works on Butondo road are road signage and markings, and completion of drainage works.”

She stated that Mufulira District had been awarded a total of 62.4 kilometres under the project which is being done by AVIC International.

“The project will see major township roads tarred and this will not only ease mobility in the district but it will also change Mufulira’s visual outlook,” said Tembo, said other roads to benefit from the project include Fibusa, Fisabo, Chisuma, Kombe, Julius Nyerere, and Maina Soko roads among others.

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