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Roland Muchengwa the ladies man breaks the Internet but not with his Looks

Roland Muchengwa

Roland Muchengwa the ladies man breaks the Internet but not with his Looks. The past 2 days has seen social media blowing up like a storm as Roland Muchengwa was trending left right and centre. I have been following the trend on Twitter under #RolandMuchengwa and I have to say I was surprised when I saw other ladies asking for Roland to follow their Twitter profiles.

This got me thinking, although he might be the “National Blesser” as others are calling him, a lot of women across South Africa wish they were close to him. I mean who doesn’t like the flashy life with hot clothes, champagne and all-white parties.

Roland Muchengwa

Every man wishes he had his riches, maybe not his looks but definitely his money. So does that mean the richer you are the more women you will get? Looking at the number of pictures of Roland Muchengwa on Twitter and Facebook and the different ladies around him, we have to say, the more money you have the more ladies you will get.

Below is a video of Roland Muchengwa at one of their All-White Parties and believe it or not, a lady is getting down and grooving in front of him.

I do however wonder if Roland Muchengwa was poor, how many women will be around him? Do you think all these women are around him because he is not shy to spend?

Uncle Roland was spotted chilling with some friends as social went crazy sharing his pictures and doing the Roland Muchengwa Challenge… Watch Video.

Reports are saying Roland Muchengwa is a fugitive from Zimbabwe but that is not stopping him from blessing South African women. If social media is anything to go by, the man has blessed more than 20 ladies, according to the different pictures we have seen so far. Every woman wants his number and every man wants his money! Fact!

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