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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Rumour – Moana’s family are demanding USD5K from Ginimbi’s family as funeral costs

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The news we getting from the street is that the Moana family has allegedly asked for a further USD5K from Ginimbi’s family to help them meet their funeral costs. This comes after Ginimbi’s friends had given Moana’s family a USD3K plus food and drinks to help meet the costs of the funeralginimbi friends

Moana’s death has been so far characterised with drama that has rocked from the moment of her death until now. Her parents are currently looking face to face over the issue of her burial.

Things have just been going so bad for the fitness bunny who last 2 weeks back after being involved in an accident with Ginimbi and two other friends who she was partying with from her birthday celebrations.Moana-Tweet-from-Mujuru


In Other News: Drama over Moana’s burial as her parents’ clash

Moana’s death surrounded with drama again and this time it’s from within the family. This time it’s the families that are clashing. Moana’s mother and her father are having clashes over who should bury her. At the moment of her death, Moana was staying at her mother’s house as her parents had divorced long back.

She herself was not in good books with her father during the time of her death due to the nature of her line of career. She had not seen her…learn more

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