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Russia launches’full-scale invasion of Ukraine

Vladimir Putin announced the military operation into Ukraine at 5.55am Moscow time – and minutes later the first shelling and missiles were launched into Ukraine, according to reports.

In the capital of Kyiv, an emergency siren has gone off, and pictures show streams of cars clogging up an expressway as people flee the city.

Social media testimonies speak to a growing sense of panic, with some saying they are being rushed into bomb shelters and into basements. Television footage has showed people praying in the streets, huddled in groups.

Guardian journalist Luke Harding in Kyiv says on Twitter that there are few people on the streets, and people are queuing up at cash machines.

Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s foreign minister, has tweeted a “to do list” for the international community in response to Russia’s attack.

He says “the world must act immediately” and the “future of Europe & the world is at stake”.

Kuleba calls for immediate “devastating sanctions”, including banning Russia from using the SWIFT financial transaction system.

He also says the world should “fully isolate Russia”, while providing Ukraine with weapons and equipment, financial assistance and humanitarian help.

In Other News – Riky Rick commits suicide

Award-winning hip-hop artist Riky Rick has died. Details of his untimely death are still foggy but the publication has learned that the accomplished musician, whose real name is Rikhado Muziwendlovu Makhado, allegedly took his own life at his estate home in the north of Joburg this morning.Riky Rick

Another source confirmed the death which has robbed Mzansi of another talented musician in the Ungazincishi hitmaker. “ It’s sad, I am heartbroken, South Africa is poorer without this talented muso,” said the source. Riky Rick, 32, was the founder and owner of…learn more

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