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SA Celebrities who took back their Cheating Partners – Pictures


By now you should have watched Enhle Mbali’s first vodcast ‘Sincerely Yours’ starring the beautiful and talented DJ ZInhle Enhle – who is married to DJ Black Coffee – and Zinhle – who is dating baby daddy AKA again – spoke about a variety of topics, including their partner’s very public affairs and how they made the difficult decision to forgive them.

I went through two cheating scandals. One there was a s-e-x tape and one there was just ratchetness,” Enhle said of Black Coffee’s rumoured affairs – the first with an alleged friend of the family and the second allegedly with Cathy Guetta.

She continued; “My spirit said: ‘You love him, sit your a** down and do what is right for you and your family.’ I felt you [Zinhle] do the same thing.


Enhle & Zinhle aren’t the only stars who choose to patch things up; take a look at these celebs who forgave their cheating partners…

Norma and Malusi Gigaba

Malusi is living proof that behind every successful man is a strong woman. His wife Norma forgave him after the then Home Affairs Minister embarked on a secret affair with Instagram model and socialite Buhle Mkhize in 2015. But Norma wasn’t going to let Malusi’s indiscretion ruin their marriage.


The IT specialist told You magazine; “I told myself I’m not sinking with this thing; I’m going to rise above it….I love him very much and I’m not bitter.”

Bernard and Wendy Parker

It’s nothing new hearing about cheating sportsmen. But we didn’t expect it from family man Bernard Parker, who was accused of impregnating a Wits University student in 2014. His wife Wendy paid no heed to the rumours and now the couple is stronger than ever!

Fikile and Nozuko Mbalula

Bra Fiks came clean about cheating on his wife several years ago.
“This thing was a one-night stand … I regret that” Fikile said about his tryst with a twenty-something model on Real Talk with Anele in 2016.

Fikile also publicly apologised for his wrong-doings. “I have apologised to my family, particularly to my wife, as I should have known better,” he said in a statement after news of the affair broke.

Primrose and Theunis Crous

Remember when Khanyi Mbau embarked on a scandalous affair with marred businessman Theunis Crous? Well after Khanyi dumped him (for better prospects no doubt), his wife Primrose took him back! By the looks of things, they’re still together!

Proverb and Onalerona

Proverb revealed on Twitter back in 2015 that his then-wife of 10 years; Onalerona had been unfaithful to him. The couple tried to patch things up following the infidelity but eventually called it quits for good a year later.

AKA and DJ Zinhle

Well, where do we begin with these two? Well, they had a good spell before Bonang. But when the Bonang and AKA fling was over, the couple and their daughter look stronger than ever.

Source – News365

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