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SAD: 11 year old boy commits suicide on her mother’s birthday as a gift

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11 year old child committed suicide on his mother’s birthday as a birthday gift to his mother. He left a letter saying, “on today’s special day, I want you to be the happiest parent ever.

You always tell me everyday that happiness left your life the day I was born. You told me dad left because of me. So today, I want to change things. I want you to be very happy and live as if I never existed. You told me you’d never look at me with love, but I always loved you and i admired you as the best mom on earth. I hope one day you will think of me, I hope in heaven you will finally hold me and kiss me. The best gift I could give you is leaving your life as you’ve always told me you wished I was never born. I love you mom. Happy birthday.”

Please be careful of what you say to your children, you might not know how they are able to take them. Words do cut deep.

Women be careful of your words please 🙏🙏

Men too,when you impregnate a woman,don’t be heartless by rejecting child responsibility which tortures every woman’s emotions and mental health. It all starts with you

In Other News: Njuzu at it again – This time using a beer bottle

Njuzu, a Zimbabwean socialite based in Cape Town has taken social media by storm. At first, there was one s.e.x video and then there were two but it doesn’t end there.Njuzu

Njuzu has another video, she is f#cking herself with a beer bottle. Yes, a beer bottle. Is Hell Commander going to live up to...learn more

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