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Sampa the Great’s music video is all about celebrating Black girl magic: Video

“I’ve been Black since ‘93. But I understand that it’s not just about me. Understand that there’s a spirit underneath this skin. Understand that there’s a soul that lives within. Soul, glow, from dusk ‘til dawn, from the beginning where we all come from. So, somebody tell me why we can’t get along.

Zambia-born and Australia-based rapper  Sampa The Great, demonstr0a20tes the global power of Black Girl Magic with her similarly named song and its accompanying music video.

Sampa the Great

 I wrote this psychosis for sisters like me, with skin as dark as the night that shines so effortlessly. I wrote this for my sister, who looks in the mirror and calls out to beauty, who can no longer see her. “

Sampa the Great stated that she wrote the song for her younger sister, Mwanje, who also appears in the video. “I often wondered what Mwanje saw when she looked back at herself in the mirror,” she explained. “We’re surrounded by beauty standards that we cannot fulfill as they’re not made with us in mind. In this video I wanted to depict something beautiful, strong, and royal—all that she embodies.”

Video Below:

Source: Lusaka Times



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