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Sarah Langa is all about that luxury lifestyle

Sarah Langa

Fashionista Sarah Langa has once again left the internet with chest pains, this time for posting snaps of herself on a super luxurious plane. While we are counting the long days to payday, Sarah was flexing on Super Saiyan level 1,000 with her pics inside a plane that has its own bedrooms and lounge area. It also has a shower, butler and food that looks like it comes straight out of MasterChef.

Sarah Langa

Sho! That time many of us can barely afford a bedroom and lounge on the ground!
Sis was apparently taking a flight back home. By the time she landed she was on the local Twitter trends list and her pics had gone viral. Social media users were shooketh to the core and their emotions ranged from jealousy to regretting that they had ever used their data to see her flex.

Source: News365