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I’m just having a pink Monday says Kalukonga


This socialite is a combination of s.e.x.y and elegance. We just can not get enough of Kalukonga. No one starts a professional, whatever endeavour you may choose to pursue what really matters is getting started. Our very own s.e.x.y goddess Kalukonga has set new body goals as she starts her workout to a perfect beach body.


She is taking her fitness routine to another level and her fans just adore her always. So today she is going to be our special crush of the day.


She has really inspired us and we can’t help but join her. This is what she said:

“Nobody starts as a professional. I am still in the early fazes of my healthy journey. I still make many mistakes, i cheat, i miss sessions, i don’t have the best form (I’m literally struggling to balance .Kalukonga

There are days i see no progress, days i wanna give up but you know what? Looking back to where i started and where I’m at now. I have made soooo much progress. Still pushing for leg growth and shrink my upper body.
i love this workout for my glutes and legs.


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