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Scary as Woman Pays K13 Million to Witch Doctors to Resurrect her husband

A woman from Malawi was duped 13.8 Malawian Kwacha by witch doctors with a promise of the resurrection of her husband.

Police in Lilongwe Malawi are keeping in custody two Witchdoctors, Wingstone Mvula aged 60 and Patrick Chakalamba aged 51 for stealing the sum of K13.8 million from Mrs Zione Chambatuka in November, 2021.

According to the information, we have gathered, the husband of this woman died from mysterious circumstances on 19th July 2021. The husband had not complained of any illness but on this fateful day, he complained of headache and then collapsed. When he was rushed to the hospital, the wife and relatives were told that they had brought a dead body.

Somewhere in October 2021, one of the witch doctors by the name of Wellington Mvula approached the bereaved wife to explain to her that her husband had been killed through magic and that he had magic tricks to resurrect him.

Mvula even mentioned a certain person the wife was aware that had a disagreement with her deceased husband.

Convinced that the witch doctor would resurrect her husband, Mrs Chambatuka sourced money amounting to K13.8 million which she paid to the witch doctors to resurrect her husband. But after the payment, the two witchdoctors started narrating one story after another and the woman ended up reporting the matter to the police.

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