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Sean Tembo goes on a fasting protest.

Sean Tembo, president of PATRIOTS for Economic Progress (PeP), has started a hunger strike in opposition to his continued arrest without being accused.

Police detained Mr. Tembo yesterday on an unspecified accusation.

As soon as officers have completed the necessary paperwork, according to police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga, a thorough statement will be released.

“He has been apprehended and detained in custody.We are will issue a comprehensive statement as soon as our officers finish with the formalities,” he said.

Additionally, Tembo has sworn not to eat until he is charged by the police in a Facebook post.

“Comrades, due to my continuous detention without charge. I have gone on a hunger strike  in protest,” he said.

The arrest of Mr. Tembo, according to civil rights activist Chama Fumba, often known as Pilato, will cast doubt on the nation’s dedication to the advancement of human rights.

“First of all arresting Sean Tembo will not change him and Sean Tembo will not lose anything from being detained in police cells.  Sean Tembo as a matter of fact wanted and wants to be arrested for him to command the attention he needs for him to be relevant between now and the 2026 elections.

The game plan by Sean Tembo is to frustrate Mr Hakainde Hichilema and his supporters to an extent that they react in a way that discredits their commitment to the promotion of human rights in the country,” he said.

“Sean Tembo has nothing to lose, he got Zeros in the previous elections, it can’t be worse. On the other hand, the government of Mr Hakainde has a lot to lose. While the UPND is in power today and enjoying political power, they do not have the privilege to decide how people should criticize them. Again I say, Sean Tembo is not scared of being arrested, you are playing his game when you arrest him,” he said.

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