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Tamia Mpisane’s alleged secrets revealed

After yesterday’s social media squabbles between Sbahle Mpisane, Sithelo Shozi, and Sithelo’s sister Ze Shozi. More shocking details about Andile Mpisane and his wife Tamia Mpisane‘s relationship has resurfaced on Twitter.

The minute Sbahle Mpisane agreed to join the controversial Musa Khawula on Twitter Space, it was the same moment where Sbahle Mpisane opened herself up for scrutiny. Things must have heated to a boiling point, following the revelations made by Sbahle Mpisane during an interview with social media blogger Musa Khawula.

After the back and forth fighting on Twitter between Sbahle Mpisane, Sithelo Shozi, and Sithelo’s sister Ze Shozi. Newly appointed deputy chair Tamia Mpisane saw an opportunity to join forces with Sbahle Mpisane while shading the Shozi sisters. It was that moment when shocking details surrounding Tamia Mpisane’s shocking details about her past relationship and her marriage time frame with Andile Mpisane.

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A tweep took to Twitter to reveal the most shocking details about Tamia Mpisane and Andile Mpisane. The tweep eluded that Tamia Mpisane was allegedly in a relationship with another guy when she immediately was reportedly to be getting married to Andile Mpisane.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, a tweep eluded that indeed Tamia Mpisane was allegedly in a relationship with another guy from Richards Bay when she got married to Andile Mpisane.

“Tamia was dating Bule from Richards Bay. Two weeks after being on weekend away with Bule, sis tied the knot with Andile Mpisane and boom! She’s pregnant! They should ask her for a paternity test as well coz wow! wrote Vanessa Nkosi

Tamia Mpisane's Alleged Secrets Exposed

From a voice note making rounds on social media between Sbahle Mpisane and Sithelo Shozi,. Even Sbahle Mpisahle allegedly told Sithelo Shozi that she did not know about Tamia at all.

“By playing nice I am not against anyone and I don’t want to get involved in Andile’s matters that he has gotten married to someone I didn’t know about. I didn’t know about her, everything was a surprise, and I had no comfort to call you because I know that they listen to phone calls but aside from everything. I just don’t know where me and you stand” said Sbahle Mpisane

Tweeps are more confused, as Sbahle Mpisane is taking so much heat for both Andile and Tamia Mpisane. Whereas, initially she did mention with all her chest that she did not know her. Tweeps are more so concerned about Sbahle Mpisane’s flip flopping now that she does not get along with Sithelo Shezi. The amount of information Sbahle Mpisane shared on Twitter Space with Musa Khawula, was a continuation of discrediting Sithelo Shozi even more.

More reasons why tweeps are not buying to what Sbahle Mpisane is selling. This is the same Sbahle who created a whole confusion following her car crash. Tweeps still remembers when she lied about having amnesia and they did not waste any more of their time without reminding her.


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Sbahle Mpisane

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