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Seer 1 Claims He Put A Demon In The Womb Of Sunday Sinyangwe’s Wife – WATCH

Sunday Sinyangwe wife

Controversial South Africa-based Nigerian prophet Seer 1 real name, Andrew Ejimadu has challenged Founder of Shalom Embassy International Apostle Sunday Sinyangwe to remove the demon inside her wife’s womb.

Andrew Ejimadu who created a Facebook page called ‘Prophet Seer 1’ said he put a demon in Sunday Sinyangwe’s wife and her womb is big like she is pregnant all the time.

Seer 1 says if Sunday Sinyangwe is a true man of God, he must heal the wife by removing the demon inside her womb and Zambians will believe his powers.

And Seer 1 says Sunday Sinyangwe is running a ‘Kitchen Party’, not a church because what happens at Shalom Embassy is business.

He says Sunday Sinyangwe must tell the People how Seer 1 killed his senior Pastor Paul Tembo and his Cameraman while he failed to protect them.

Seer 1 says he told Sunday Sinyangwe that he was going to attack his Pastor and a Camera boy but failed to protect them from his attack.

He says if Sunday Sinyangwe disputes the allegations, he will publish all the chats he had with him for the Zambian people to judge on their own. Seer 1 also says Sunday Sinyangwe is just making a noise like a horse ‘Huu Huu’ because he is a coward who is a Political cadre.

He further attacked Sunday Sinyangwe’s suite that it is from Kamwala if not inherited from his dead father.

Seer 1 further mentioned Bishop Chomba, Kings Malembe, Kasama Mayor to be among the beneficiaries of Do as i say power.

He further accused Kings Mumbi of travelling to South Africa on Wednesday to beg seer 1 and returning his ‘Do as i say power’.

Source – Zambian Watch

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Religion is no longer as simple as it used to be in the days of Noah when he was told to build an arc by God. Prophets of today no longer hear God’s voice the same way Noah and other biblical prophets did.

Prophets of today use wrist bands, their pictures, detergents and many other things to do their miracles. Of late we have found a prophet who is said to be doing his miracle healings using beer, wine and meat.

Pastor heals congregants with beer and meat 10

Several pictures of this prophet have gone viral on social media and we are wondering what he really puts to his meat (sausage) when cooking it. Is it just normal meat or it is spiced with some healing powers or what is in that meat? Continue Reading