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SEER 1’s shocking 2000 US dollar church mantle selling like hot cake revealed 

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SEER 1’s shocking 2000 US dollar church mantle selling like hot cake revealed 

Do you remember a few months ago, Andrew aka blind1 aka seer1 claimed that he had given several Zambian Governments officials certain “things”? He went on to say, “If my things are not returned to me…you will die” Well, needless to say, NOBODY died. Andrew then conveniently said, “Nobody died because some of the government officials have returned my things. Nonsense!!!

Everyone wondered what Andrew meant when he used the word “things.” Well, here they are. The picture below shows Andrew’s “things.” They consist of the following.

  1. A bottle of Olive oil that he claims is anointing oil that has a poor quality picture of himself plastered on the front of it, with the words “Do As I say”

  2. A Clear bottle of useless rock salt

  3. A cheap ring [ Such rings can even be found here in Lusaka, Zambia in City Market for K10 ]

These are the trinkets and items Andrew uses to deceive his ignorant followers.

This picture was sent to me by a woman that has recently broken free from many months of bondage to Andrew’s lies and fabrications.

The woman sent Andrew $US2000 via bank transfer in exchange for these worthless toys which he sent through DHL. She said, “I can’t believe I was that naive…I was motivated by my own greed and this man Andrew [ aka blind1 aka seer1 ] saw my desperation and he capitalised on it”

Andrew takes advantage of the fact that some Africans are lazy and they don’t want to work. They want a quick fix-solution to their problems so they turn to conmen like Andrew, Bushiri and Lukau.

Guys let’s get something straight…THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MIRACLE MONEY. IF YOU WANT MONEY…WORK, HUSTLE AND GRIND [ or inherit it ]

The South African authorities are closing in on these crooks…Bushiri will soon be sent back to his home country of Malawi….next Andrew will be Caged and sent back to Nigeria…and then finally Lukau will be sent back to Congo.

Remove these tricksters, banish them and confine them to their own countries…the world will be a much better place without them.

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