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SEJANI Sets The Boundary

According to the Local Government Service Commission, elected officials in local authorities have NO authority to dismiss or move other employees.

According to Panel Chairperson ACKSON SEJANI, the commission has received multiple instances of elected officials in Councils transferring officers.

According to Mr. SEJANI, the commission is the sole body with the power to transfer local government officers.

He claims that the commission is in responsibility of monitoring the welfare of human resources in Local authorities, whilst elected politicians are expected to offer recommendations on policy topics.

The commission has decentralized the hiring process, according to Mr. SEJANI, in order to draw on human resources from all around the nation.

When Mr. SEJANI visited NAOMI TETAMASHIMBA, the deputy permanent secretary for the North Western Province, at Solwezi, he made the following statement: “The decentralization of employment is aimed to employ people with an awareness of the area.”

Additionally, Ms. TETAMASHIMBA is pleased that provincial human resource management committees are being established by the commission.

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