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Songstress Shadaya leaves many confused after posting steamy pictures with Ginimbi

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Songstress Shadaya leaves many confused after posting steamy pictures with Ginimbi 

Zimbabwean businessman Ginimbi, passed away on Sunday morning after he was involved in a fatal car crash claiming three of his friends including famous fitness bunny Moana. moana and ginimbi

The gang were coming from Ginimbi’s  night club were they were celebrating Moana’s 26th birthday. Several African stars including Davido and Lady Zama  sent condolence messages to Ginimbi’s family. The socialist who had crossed paths with most of them because of his influence in the music industry has left a void in the entertainment industry as he was also a music promoter.Ginimbi

Not to be let out in the condolence messages is our very own songstress Shadaya who posted a heartfelt message to the millionaire,leaving many wondering if the two had been more than just friends. Shadaya posted an inmate picture with Ginimbi looking all lovey-dovey and cuddling.

Here is what she posted….shadaya


In Other News: A tour inside Ginimbi’s mansion that is set to be a hotel -Pics and Video

Genius Kadungure died on Sunday morning and left a heft amount of wealth chief among his estate is the much talked about mansion which is set to be turned into a hotel.


Gimimbi once took fellow business mogul Philip Chiyangwa on a tour of his mansion. In a series of videos Ginimbi as he is affectionately known shows off his opulence which would leave a lot of...learn more

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