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  Shakafuswa & Kang’ombe Announced as Duly Elected MPs by ConCourt

The election of CHRISTOPHER SHAKAFUSWA and CHRISTOPHER KANG’OMBE as the validly elected Members of Parliament for the Mandevu and Kamfinsa Constituencies, respectively, has been validated by the Constitutional Court.

In a ruling read aloud by Master of the Court MABLE MWABA, Constitutional Court Judge MUNGENI MULENGA ruled that losing UPND candidate AARON MULOPE in the Mandevu Constituency had failed to substantiate the claims of corruption and violence.

Since Mr. MULOPE’s petition was denied and Mr. SHAKAFUSWA’s election was upheld, the High Court Judge DERRICK MULENGA’s conclusions could not be criticized by the court.

The Court dismissed the appeal after finding that nine of the ten groups of appeal presented by Mr. MULOPE lacked substance.

Judge JUDY MULONGOTI stated in her reading of the judgment in the appeal against Mr. KANG’OMBE’s election that the grounds for appeal raised by UPND Losing Candidate SUBETA MUTELO lacked validity.

She declared that the appeal was rejected because the appellant had not presented evidence that met the necessary criteria for a fairly high degree of persuasive clarity.

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