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The Khoza family is dealing with Shaka’s Return #TheQueenMzansi

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The Queen’s upcoming episodes will see the Khozas dealing with the aftermath of Kagiso and Siyanda’s wedding, which saw an unexpected guest show up and the bride supposedly dead.
The Queen’s upcoming episodes, which air from Monday, 15 June to Friday, 19 June 2020, will see the Khoza family coming to terms with all that transpired at Kagiso and Siyanda’s wedding.

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The preview shows Kagiso and Dingane discussing the possibility of Shaka being alive, leading to them digging up his grave to see if he is still there. As they exude the casket, Shaka appears before them, leaving Harriot completely floored. As gunshots go off, viewers are left with imagery of what appears to be Kagiso’s funeral.

This week will also see Vusiywa’s friend, Mildred, trying to seduce Thato, who is taken aback by the mature woman’s forwardness. Meanwhile, viewers will discover the fate of Siyanda after her apparent shooting, and the reason behind Goodness’ appearance at the wedding is revealed.

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