Home Entertainment Sheebah blesses Crysto Panda by remix

Sheebah blesses Crysto Panda by remix

Sheebah blesses Crysto Panda by remix

NTV host Crysto Panda has had his own share of misfiring in the music industry despite all the effort he has tried to put into pushing his music career.

He has not come across as a serious artist to many while to others, he is just a ‘wannabe’ given the fact that he has a teen presenter background and seems to be obsessed with the limelight.

The Africell Ambassador has nonetheless continued to push his music career bagging a few collaborations from fellow upcoming artists and getting some traction from some music lovers. However, after bagging a huge endorsement from Uganda’s most popular artist Sheebah Karungi, that narrative is about to change.

The new father has been blessed by Sheebah Karungi’s vocals on his new banger dubbed ‘Kyolina Omanya’. Sheebah Karungi who has lent her voice to the remix has been a Kingmaker of sorts, making collaborations with lesser known musicians who have later turned into top acts. Talk about people like Beenie Gunter and Ykee Benda.

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