Shocking video of a frog coming out of a woman’s [email protected] – WATCH

Mzansi is shocked and many can’t get the image of a frog coming out of a woman’s [email protected] out of their minds.

The shocker came after a video of a frog being pulled out of someone’s [email protected] broke the internet.

Some gents are even questioning if frogs are the reason why some [email protected] grip and some regret going down on women.

“I can’t believe we thought the other gender had [email protected] prints, kanti it was the frog stretching all along. I’ll never ever trust women,” Mahlatsi tweeted.

Some men were even thinking of using alternative ways to help themselves instead of poking.

Watch the VIDEO here

“For now, I think I’ll just stick to my hand until gents come up with a way on how we can check those [email protected] before we poke. I couldn’t even eat last night after seeing that video,” said Sandile Mtshali.

Snikeziwe Mabena said she’s still shocked but she can’t get over the confusion and the fear she keeps seeing in men after watching that video.

“Judging by the comments, at least that frog video will help some of my brothers keep their pants up for a few weeks. Asbonge kuleyondawo,” she said.

Nikiwe Khoza said when women ask their boyfriends to stop sleeping around, they think they’re crazy and dramatic.

“This is just one of the things women do to keep that man coming back for more. You’re left thinking that this person has a better [email protected] meanwhile they’re putting frogs inside their vaginas,” said Nikiwe.

Even though this has left many people thinking that it has everything to do with witchcraft, others had different information about this frog.

“The video of a frog being taken out of someone’s [email protected] has nothing to do with witchcraft! It’s a fertility ritual practised in Ethiopia. They use fertility frogs but mostly fertility snakes, they believe it cures infertility,” said Kalahari Williams.

She said she learned about this back in 2009 from one of her friends in Ethiopia.

“I learned that there are parts of Africa that perform this ritual as well,” she added.

Gynaecologist Dr Maluleke said he has seen the video and he said this frog process is done to cure infertility in some countries and cultures.

“From a medical point of view, this is not a recognized form of treating infertility and it probably doesn’t work,” said Maluleke.

The publication also spoke to three different sangomas, Dungamanzi, gogo Kukhanya and gogo Mametsi, who were all shocked to hear of a frog being pulled out of a [email protected] They said they have never heard of this and are not sure if people use frogs to trap men.


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