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Shocking number of people who watch p0rn at work revealed


Some call them blue movies while globally we refer to them as p0rn. Yes, those type of movies with a lot of n#dity and s.e.x!

While many of us consume them in our private spaces, the trend seems to be changing.

This as more and more people watch p0rn in the comfort of the office.

A 2016 survey published in Archives of S.e.xual Behaviour found that 16,1% of men watched p0rn at work on their smartphone or tablet while 5,4% watched it on a work computer.

Furthermore, around 20% to 30% of men regularly watched p0rn instead of working.

Another study from cybersecurity firm Kaspersky revealed that people working from home were quite likely to view p0rn on the same devices they used for their jobs.

Kaspersky surveyed more than 6 000 people working from home across the globe about their online habits.

Among respondents who reported watching more adult content than before they started working remotely, 51% acknowledged doing so on the same device they used for work.

Nearly 20% said they used a device provided by their employer to watch p0rn.

-daily sun

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