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Lady Zamar’s Shoe Collection is just too much – Picture

Lady Zamar

Yooh! This is too much. Lady Zamar hardly flexes on us, therefore when she revealed her shoe collection – her fans were thoroughly envious.

Lady Zamar is definitely one of the most hard-working artists in the game. Her music career is keeping the good Sis booked and busy – ensuring that the bag is secured at all times!

Furthermore, Lady Zamar’s legions of fans never fall short at supporting her – her music sales and general turn out at gigs prove it!

All of her hustle ventures have resulted in Lady Zamar’s ability to treat herself to the finer things in life, including a killer shoe closet! Yesss!

The Collide singer made her followers breathe through the wound by posting a snap of her whimsical shoe closet – filled with a range of shoes from sneakers, sandals, boots and of course…. high heels!

Shoes are definitely a girl’s best friend and it’s even better if this indulgence is turned into a solid business – like Nomuzi Mabena and Nandi Madida have.

The two media personalities released their exquisite shoe collection with respective retail brands, Aldo and SivaLux.

Nandi’s shoe range recently bagged an international award for her shoe design collaboration with Aldo.

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