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The reason why Skeem Saam’s Shoki Sebotsane aka Celia Kunutu is glowing & gaining weight

Skeem Saam’s Celia has been glowing and gaining weight lately and fans are wondering if she’s pregnant or has a new man in real life.

We know that she doesn’t have a new man on the show because she’s still married to Meneer Magongwa. We also know that she got divorced from her abusive husband in real life which then brings my next question…

Does she have a new man in her life or is it she just happily gaining weight?

It is a known fact that when women leave toxic marriages or relationships, they start glowing, gaining weight, and get a new lease on life. Enhle Mbali like Celia Kunutu is a perfect example.

Enhle Mbali was married to DJ Black Coffee who is apparently a narcissist. Enhle Mbali often posts narcissist quotes on her Instagram and there have been several people in the industry that have called the DJ a narcissist after interacting with him

Shoki Sebotsane who plays Celia Kunutu and Enhle Mbali has always been petite women who obey their husbands. Sometimes these men dictate what you should look like, what you should eat, and who you should interact with because of their insecurities.

We know from several sources that Enhle wasn’t apparently allowed to do kissing scenes and took off from acting for years when she was married. We know that Shoki Sebotsana used to sleep with a knife under her pillow because she feared her husband would kill her or their children.

When you live under such circumstances, food and your health are the last things that matters and the only person you’re trying to please is your toxic partner.

Viewers love her new hairstyle and her glow, weight gain in comparison to the tiny Celia Kunutu that we’ve been used to. There’s been no word from Shoki Sebotsana or Skeem Saam to confirm whether the actress is indeed pregnant yet.

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Source: News365

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