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Shortage of drugs declared a national disaster

The suspense of Full Blood Count Testing at the country’s largest sanitarium, the University Teaching Hospital( UTH) due to failure by Government to land reagents and the patient deficit of medicines and general medical inventories across the country is an EMERGENCY CRISIS situation that needs full and nippy Government response in order to save lives and save the health of our citizens.

The patient deficit of medicines and other medical inventories across the country has reached intimidating situations and we call upon the President to incontinently bring his Emergency Powers established by Cap 108 of the Laws of Zambia and declare the current health situation in the country a National Disaster.
Still, the nation’s biggest health installation has no reagents, just suppose of how serious and hopeless the situation is in pastoral areas, If UTH. This is a disaster and Government must act now to save lives.

If there’s one thing any Government should noway toy with is the issue of health because health is life.Mr. President, please hear to the cries of our maters
and children who have continued to lose their loved bones
to curable affections due to lack of medicines in the hospitals and for formerly do the right thing.

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