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SIAKALENGE: Get to Know the Emoluments Act

To ensure a seamless implementation of its rules, heads of public and quasi-government institutions have been advised to get familiar with the Emoluments Commission Act of 2022.

The public service has a number of contradictions, inconsistencies, and disparities in terms of working conditions and pay, according to SIAZONGO SIAKALENGE, Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet.

Today in Lusaka, Mr. SIAKALENGE spoke at a meeting to raise awareness among the boards and management staff of quasi-governmental organizations.

He advised the attendees to ask questions in order to gain a better understanding of how emoluments will be handled in the public sector.

The Emoluments Commission Act’s goal, according to MWAMBA PENI, Permanent Secretary in Charge of Remuneration Division at Cabinet Office, is to enhance service delivery.

The Act, according to Mr. PENI, does not imply that the heads of various institutions will receive the same pay because emoluments will be set in accordance with sectors.

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