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Silavwe Jaclson – Withdraw adverts about contraceptives targeted at unmarried young people


STATEMENT: “Where is the message of S_EXUAL ABSTINENCE that once rang through our airwaves? Where is the message of V!RGIN POWER, V!RGIN PRIDE that solidified our deep cultural values and entrenched our Christian beliefs.” It is outrightly UNACCEPTABLE in our Zambian culture to encourage any form of s_exual activities and remedies amongst unmarried young people whether s_exually active or not.

Not only is it culturally offensive but against our Christian faith as a Christian Nation. First, it was the introduction of Comprehensive S_exuality Education (CSE) in schools which encourages abortion, promiscuity, and gay rights education, now we have a campaign encouraging the same young people to use contraceptives. Indeed it is true when they say that if you want to control a nation, start by making them loose their culture and beliefs.

By accepting these practices, we Zambians are slowly and surely loosing our identity. A NATION WITHOUT BELIEFS AND VALUES IS A LOST NATION.

We believe these are matters that the Ministry of National guidance should apply itself to, Government through Hon. Rev. Sumaili must act swiftly to prevent this Christian and Cultural decay. Not only do they have a duty to govern this nation, but the PF government also has a duty to safeguard our collective beliefs and values as a society.

As a party, we call for the IMMEDIATE WITHDRAWAL of these adverts on both television and radio stations, public and private. We further call for the creation of a national body that regulates content, films, and adverts that appear on our mass media.

Our actions today as a people must preserve the sanctity of future generations. Preserving the young people is the preservation of our society.

God Bless Our Country.

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We are slowly looking more and more like the end of times are close. Morality is no longer an issue with this generation.

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The worse thing is when its displayed by political leaders the youth look up to, like...learn more